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Double sided tempered glass LED write-on Flash Board [39860]

Features: These flash boards are great for cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars, hair salons, flower shops, weddings, promotions, birthday parties, schools and churches. With the flashboards flexible writing method, you can use your creativity to write any message or picture for your advertising needs. By using a soft clean cloth or tissue paper, the messages can be easily erased. The flashboards are easy to carry and install. You can effortlessly change the colors and the flash mode with a push of a button. Eco-friendly and can last up to 500 hours. Display beautifully whether day or night.

INPUT: 110V/ 60 Hz

Board Size: 26” H x 18.5” W
Overall Dimensions (DWH): 19.75” x 20.75” x 20.5"


Comes with remote control.

Price: $250.00


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