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 The warranty is provived solely by the Mafacturer under the terms and conditions as stated in the manufatures' warranty, which is stated below: 

Omcan Inc. Refrigeration - Limited One-Year Commercial Warranty

OMCAN warrants all of its new fridges and freezers to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of original installation or 18 months after shipment date from our warehouse, whichever occurs frst and is limited to the repair and replacement, including labour charges, of defective parts and or assemblies. Labour, travel and mileage covered for the frst year include straight time labour charges and travel charges within 100 miles, roundtrip.

1. This warranty is limited to original installation of new fridges and freezers sold by OMCAN for the original user in the Continental USA/Canada. This warranty is not transferable.

2. This warranty does not apply to any fridges or freezers that have not been installed in accordance with the directions published in the appropriate installation and operation manuals. 

3. OMCAN will bear no responsibility or liability for any fridges and freezers which have been mishandled, abused, misapplied, misused, subjected to harsh chemical action, or external causes such as electric power fuctuations or poor water quality, feld modifed without the approval of OMCAN or by unauthorized personnel, improperly installed or maintained, fridges and freezers damaged by food, fre or other acts of God, or which have altered or missing serial numbers.

4. This warranty applies only to defects in parts and workmanship in fridges and freezers and not damage incurred in packaging or handling.

5. If the fridges and freezers have been changed, altered, modifed or repaired with parts not authorized by OMCAN or by a non-qualifed Service Technician, then OMCAN shall not be responsible for warranty claim.

6. Adjustments such as calibrations, leveling, tightening of fasteners or utility connections normally associated with original installation are the responsibility of installer and not that of OMCAN. Regular maintenance, cleaning, de scaling, or anode parts shall be the responsibility of the customer.

7. OMCAN will bear normal labour charges incurred in the repair or replacement of a warranted fridge or freezer within 50 kilometers of an authorized service agent. Overtime, premium labour charges and travel charges in excess of 100 miles round trip will not be covered by OMCAN and will be the responsibility of the person or frm requesting the service.

8. Original purchased replacement parts distributed by OMCAN will be warranted for 90 days from the parts invoice date. Rubber seals, lights and gaskets have a 90 day warranty.

9. Refrigerator and Freezer compressors units are warranted for an additional (4) years* on specifc models. Labour is not included for compressor replacement after the frst year of use. 

10. This warranty provides the exclusive remedy against OMCAN relating to all OMCAN fridges and freezers, whether in contract or in tort or under any other legal theory, and whether arising out of warranties, representations, instructions, installations or defects from any cause. OMCAN shall not be liable, under any legal theory, for loss of use, revenue or proft, or for substitute use or performance, or for incidental, indirect, or special or consequential damages or for any other loss of cost of similar type. The liability of OMCAN is limited to the repair or replacement of any part found to be defective.

11. This warranty and the liabilities set forth herein are exclusive and in lieu of all of their liabilities and warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and ftness for particular purpose and constitutes the only warranty of OMCAN with respect to the fridges and freezers. OMCAN’s liability on any claim, including but not limited to negligence, shall not exceed the price of the fridges and freezers that gives rise to the claim.

12. If required by OMCAN, customer shall return to OMCAN for examination any failed product or part to confrm that the part has failed as a result of material or workmanship.

13. The fridges and freezers are intended for commercial use only and this warranty is void if the fridges or freezers are installed in other than commercial applications.

14. The foregoing warranty is the entire warranty of OMCAN. OMCAN neither assumes nor authorizes any other person, purporting to act on its behalf, to modify or to change this warranty, or any other warranty or liability concerning OMCAN Refrigeration.

This warranty only applies for the following products

*Reach-In Coolers & Freezers: CFD-1RR / CFD-2RR / CFD-3RR / CFD-1FF / CFD -2FF / CFD-3FF

*Refrigerated Prep Tables: SCL-1 / SCL-2 / SCL2-60 / SCL-3 / SCLM-2 / SCLM2-60

*Pizza Prep and Glass Door Coolers: PICL1 / PICL2 / PICL3 / G1.2YBM2F / G368BMF / G268BMF/ D768BM2F / D648BM2F

*Under Counter Refrigerator and Freezer: TUC27F / TUC27R / TUC48F / TUC48R

*Ice Cream Freezers: XS-150YX / XS-260YX / XS-360YX / XS-500YX / XS-700YX

Showcases: M530A / M540A /M550A / S530A / S530ABF / S540A / S540ABF / S550A / S550ABF / RT-78L-1R / RT-78L-2R / RTW100L / RTS-200L / RTS-250L / RTS-500L/ GL830 / GL840/ GL850 

*Beer Bottle Coolers: JBC-50 / JBC-65

*Back Bar Coolers: UBB-24-48G / UBB-24-48F / UBB-24-60G / UBB-24-60F / UBB-24-72G / UBB-24-72F

*4 year compressor warranty